Always the charmer and action leader, he found a loyal sidekick in Zorrita and took the name “Moxie”. The smooth coat is very dense and short. There are two kinds: medial luxation (“trick knee”) or lateral luxation. Moderate fore chest. This breed is an average shedder. But then breeders decided to bring it back, and today both coat types are shown and well established towards the future. I have an arubian cunucu and she is very smart and quite a handful. I posted a video of Maggie and someone commented saying she looked like a wire haired Portuguese Podengo. We rescued ours about a year ago. Not rounded or prominent. Any diet should be appropriate to the dog’s age (puppy, adult, or senior). The coat on the smooth-hair breed is still coarse. He is 1 & 1/2 monts old right now. Black, brown, or white coats are less common but do occur. In 1995 the first smooth coated Podeno Pequeno came to the US and the first wire coated dog came later in 2001. Welcome to our complete guide to the Portuguese Podengo dog breed! Croup – Straight or very slightly sloping and medium size. ONCE MINE DETERINED WHAT SHE WAS GOING TO DO,THEN SHE GOES AND DOES IT. COAT There are two varieties; Smooth coat which is short and very dense. Needs a lot of exercise for such a small dog 2. When the kneecap pops out of place, this is called “luxating.”. Positives: 1. She passed on a bag of dog food, unopened, which had been given to her by a nice gringo lady, which she had not given the puppy because he would make more of a mess. Groomed but not trimmed or sculpted. A requirement of the shelter was a one week acquaintance period before taking the lady home. Then we brought in a trainer for 1 day. The PPP is a very lively and intelligent little dog. They told us she was some type of Aussie mix. Wire coat (rough) is long and harsh. HELLO I ADOPTED A PODENGO AND SHE IS QUITE LARGE. Upright when seen from the back and side. StarMountainKennel September 18, 2019 6:28 pm September 18, 2019. But I really wondered what I had gotten myself into in the beginning. While not common, PRA can occur in Podengos of all sizes. We are very happy with Rosie and she has adapted well to our family. Traditionally, the Grande Podengo dogs were bred to hunt wild boar and deer. His name is BeBe and he has come so far! We got our Podengo, Rosie, as a rescue puppy through PetSmart. They didn’t know what she was, thought she was a terrier mix, but I was watching the Westminster dog show and Boom, there was this little dog in the hound class that looked exactly like her! Portuguese Podengo Pequenos have two different coat varieties. The Portuguese Podengo comes in three sizes: Grande, Medio and Pequeno (large, medium and small), and two coat varieties, smooth coated and wire coated. Dachshund, Corgi, Basenji, were all considered but nothing really fit. There are two coat types that are recognized in the Portuguese Podengo dog breed (all three sizes). Slowly, the breed’s population increased in the United States as a result of imports and a small group of breeders. This makes it a suitable choice of national dog for Portugal, the oldest nation state in Europe. The Portuguese Podengo dog is very intelligent. Like the Portuguese Podengo, the Pequeno comes in two coat varieties, the smooth and wire. Name an issue, he presents ithowever not biting. She is very affectionate and follows me everywhere, I talk to her all day and she absolutely loves her toys and loves to share them.she and Mittens are best friends, they watch out for each other. The color can be solid or with white markings or white with markings of the above colors. They have a rightful reputation for being tough and tireless. The dog is just fantastic. But I was so in love, so totally up for the challenge. A friend was curious and researched those ears and quickly found the breed. The Podengo Portugueso Pequeño comes in two coat types. She is a very sweet girl. We adopted a shelter podengo last week. … Sad to say, others neglect any sort of care even for a cute little fellow. He is the perfect pet! According to the breed standard, the smooth coat is short and very dense, and the wire … The coat consists of a single layer with no undercoat so groom is relatively easy. The disease can impact one rear hip or both hips, although single-hip issues are more common. Want to connect with other people who love the same breed as much as you do? 566 0 min Good Breeders. Their coats are either short and 'smooth', or longer and 'wired'. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? The middleweight in the Portuguese Podengo dog breed, the Medio typically weighs between 35 and 44 pounds and stands anywhere from 16 to 22 inches tall (paw pads to shoulder). Archie is our 3.5 year old wire haired pequeno, we rescued three years ago from a kill shelter in Romania. Without dewclaws. All dog breeds have some known health conditions, and the Portuguese Podengo is no exception. She was a tough case! Portuguese Podengo Pequeno’s origin, price, personality, life span, health, grooming, shedding, hypoallergenic, weight, size & more Portuguese Podengo Pequeno information & dog breed facts. Shoulder and upper arm angle is moderate. We are now at 2 1/2 weeks and the training is going great. Now we would not have any other kind of dog. The hair on the muzzle is longer They are not couch potatoes but do make excellent family pets. Neither has an undercoat. The coat of the Pequenos are short and smooth. I was hoping you can tell me the proper way of taking care of this cute pup. The bone’s blood supply is impacted and the bone itself disintegrates and eventually dies. A large base and a definite pointed muzzle. I have had to work hard to train her it’s like she can’t help but to bark even when she knows she is going to get in trouble for it. So I picked him up and sat him outside the box, where he continued his watch over me going back to bed. The smooth coat is short and very dense, while the wire coat (rough) is long and harsh, with a bearded … Do you have a Podengo dog now? Typical height (paw pad to shoulder) is 22 to 28 inches. The hair on the muzzle is longer (bearded) on the wire coat variety. These dogs are so active and high energy that they don’t always suit every family. Her true personality has emerged, she has learned to trust us, and we are now 110% delighted that we got her. When this occurs, your dog’s hip socket won’t fit and it will cause pain and lameness. And would like to find another one from fescue. I hadn’t heard of Podengo Pequenos before adopting him. Next morning he was awake early, watching me over the side of his bed box. She made friends at the fish market who insisted on giving me the fish innards to take home for her. This breeding stock was adapted by the Portuguese to hunt rabbits in the craggy Iberian countryside. Wire coat (rough) is long and harsh. Wire coated dogs have long and harsh coats, with a bearded muzzle. They relish any sort of training, and excel at almost anything you ask them to do. There is a test that can be done through the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) that is valid for 12 months from the test date. early, drove 3 hrs, and was first in line when the shelter opened. You can’t know till you have one, am I right guys? How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, March 23, 2018 By Shannon Cutts 22 Comments. She joined our other pets; a Siamese and a pink cockatoo with minor adjustment. Well muscled and lean. I got up Starting a good dental-care program with regular brushing will alleviate the possibility of issues occurring later. Overall, the majority of PPPs are healthy dogs with few genetic problems. The smooth coat breed is the oldest of all the Portuguese Podengo dogs. Playing in a large fenced yard, a vigorous walk daily, participation in agility or obedience trials, or hunting can provide the needed activity. It takes little efforts for owners to groom them. Neck – A harmonious transition from head to body. As the Podengo is a multi-sensory sight/scent hound, vision problems can significantly impact this dog’s quality of life and ability to participate in favorite activities. Haha we just found 2 of them! Pastern – Short, lean, strong and slightly sloping. No doubt we’ve got a Pondengo Medio. But take heart: a lot of gentle patience and seven months later we have the most beautiful little dog. Smooth coated dogs have a short and very dense coat. Treats can be an important aid in training, but giving too many can cause obesity. They love to play independently with their toys, which is different than most of my other dogs. Portuguese Podengo Grande (large) Portuguese Podengo Medio (medium) Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (small) The Pequeno was developed from the Grande version. He wants to please and easily finds his place in the pack. Would the Podengo dog make a good family pet? A weekly brushing is recommen… She loves to run and play, she loves kids, but she is not a “cuddly” dog. At the end of this I headed for the exit but heard a complaint from somewhere. In other words, the Medio and Pequeno are not the result of selectively breeding down the Grande simply to get smaller sized “pocket pet” dogs. Their coat may be smooth, which is short and very dense; or wire, which is long and harsh but not as dense as the smooth coat. In fact, in Portugal, this isn’t just one dog breed, but three, divided by size into Grande (large), Medio (medium), and Pequeno (small). Surgery is typically the only option to correct hip dysplasia, which can occur in one or both hips. The long-backed body is muscular, the tail tapered and sickle-shaped, and the coat either short and dense or long and wiry. Back – Straight and long. He’s our pandemic dog, I am home all day with him and the training really has been quick. A distinctive feature is the wedge-shaped head, with expressive almond-shaped eyes and erect, pointed ears. Did you know that the Portuguese Podengo can trace its lineage all the way back to the ancient Romans and Phoenicians? Yes calm assertive and very consistent and Maggie does very well now, it just took a while just like kids, Your email address will not be published. Zorrita came in to inspect him but he didnt move. This large dog is a direct descendant of ancient dogs … High energy, a powerful chewer for sure. She was only too happy to get rid of the little tyke. No clipping or scissoring is required. They won’t do well as lap pets – they need stimulation and new challenges to thrive. The Portuguese Podengo can live up to 18 years or older, although the breed average is from 10 to 14 years. They are medium sized breed with pointy ears and a long, short but sturdy body. Our only disagreement was over bath time, when she actually snapped at me the first time. She is the dearest little girl now. Typically this issue will show up in the first six months. In these we have both the wire coat Portuguese Podengo Pequeno and the Smooth coat Portuguese Podengo Pequenos…. The primary method is to interbreed Grande and large Medio dogs to return to the breed purity. Dec 22, 2014 - Explore Margaret-Mary Boisture's board "Portuguese Podengo Pequeno" on Pinterest. Barely perceptible frontal furrow. The Podengo dog breed can make a very good family pet for an active, outdoorsy family. Now the Mexican people love their dogs but they believe that dogs should be free to roam the neighborhood and learn to dodge cars. After some years we relocated to Mexico. Because of their strong prey drive, this dog may not be the best fit for families with babies or very young children or other family pets. She is extremely alert and smart. Very dry without dewlaps. The Portuguese Podengo wirehaired breed has a rough, harsh single layer coat with a texture that is medium length and not quite so dense as with the smooth hair breed. Topline -Level. The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno has a … We have plenty of opportunities to get involved in your local community, thanks to AKC Breed Clubs located in every state, and more than 450 AKC Rescue Network groups across the country. I had signed in at a local animal shelter as looking for a small dog like a Jack Russell, but after months I had forgotten. Like the Ibizan Houndand other similar breeds around the Mediterranean, it is believed that Portuguese Podengo were brought to the Iberian peninsula by Phoenician and Roman traders. Houla's Podengos is located in Creedmoor, NC just north of Raleigh, NC . We would have a little pal to go with him but there aren’t many others out there and won’t buy from breeders. I WOULD NOT SUGGEST GETTING ONE BEFORE A YEAR OLD BUT IT WILL BE UP TO YOU!!! Due to her strong resemblance to a fox, we named her “Foxie” Deep dive research did not reveal her lineage. What a lovely story about your little dog, cherish each day you have with her.I lost my beautiful girl a month ago now, it is so hard but it was her time. The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a healthy breed overall. Some dogs are prone to getting overweight, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level. Most (75%)of the purebred Portuguese Podengos in the United States consists of the Pequeno size, and most of these (85%) are of the wire coat variety. Moxie courted her in a most gentleman manner, considering neither was experienced, and Zorrita was not the least jealous, playing the role of auntie. She was keenly interested, walking around and around his box where he was quickly drifting off to sleep. The Portuguese Podengo dog breed is not yet a household name like the Labrador Retriever or the Yorkshire Terrier, but it is arguably more ancient and every bit as popular! Please drop us a comment – we would love to hear your story of life with your Podengo! I do regret not having the opportunity to breed her. Every home should have one. The following colors are accepted but not preferred. He is super shy with strangers and even people he sees regularly. They are easily trained as hunters, in performance sports, and, despite their small stature, as watchdogs. I have yet to see any in a shelter, and breeders are too expensive if you aren’t looking to show or breed. During the 15th century, European explorers kept these dogs on their ships for catching rats. Nails should be trimmed regularly using a nail clipper or grinder. One is a smooth coat and the other is a wirehaired Portuguese Podengo. The Podengo Medio and Pequeno were bred to hunt rabbits. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It has several other names including Podengo Portugues, Portuguese Rabbit Hound, Portuguese Rabbit Dog, Portuguese Sighthound, Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, Portuguese Podengo Medio and Portuguese Podengo Grande. When we adopted her, spaying was required. Classified as a hound, the alert and playful little Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a quick, athletic rabbit hunter of ancient lineage. THEY ARE WAITING FOR THEIR NEW HOMES!! ZWARTBLES SHEEP FOR SALE. What does this mean? Low shedding 3. In the early days, the Grande breed was considered a “boar hunter for nobility,” and the Medio and Pequeno were called “rabbit hunters for the people.”. He has always been perfectly house trained and well behaved apart from every day when I get home he squeals and spins round in circles, letting a little bit of wee out each time. He’s sweet but a hand full. Any suggestions out there? The History of the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno For more information go to Presented by the Portuguese Podengo Pequenos of America, Inc . A true smooth coat Podengo dog will come from two smooth coat parents and an unbroken lineage of smooth-coated dogs. For this reason, they make excellent therapy and service dogs. THEY ARE TRAINABLE BUT DIFFICULT AT TIMES AND VERY ASSERTING IN THEIR BEHAVIOR!!!! We realized our pendengo needed a firm hand to help her figure out where everyone fit in her new life. Because the Podengo dog breed is well established and popular, Portuguese Podengo breeders are not difficult to locate. Hi We rescued a Podengo pup at a animal rescue 17 years ago she was this little peanut with the pink nose I had no idea what I was in for very active very rambunctious she used to be able to jump 10 feet in the air we had to put up gates in our huge backyard she loved to run she became my best friend she was great around my second son when he was born she protected him to no end she hated my ex-husband she had a very good instincts she was a woman of course she is now 17 years old and she’s still my best friend I didn’t think she would make it to this age she has a few ailments but nothing to hold her down but when I take her out in the backyard she loves to run and she gets that second wind I am hoping we can make it to the 18th birthday I dread the day I have to let her go to the pet rainbow in the sky it will break my heart she has been my best friend my family my Missy the first time I laid eyes on her at 5 weeks was the start of love and unconditional love she has been with me every step of the way she has been my protector my daughter and my best friend once she is gone I will be sad however I have had the best dog in the world I can say that there will be no other dog like her I would love to post a picture of her she is the sweetest thing in the world and everybody that sees her thinks she’s about 10 years old everyone falls in love with her as I fell in love with her all demented ice laid eyes on her she is other than my children this dog has brought nothing but joy to my life yes we had some ups and downs when she decided to take SEC and my youngest son was screaming with colic and Missy was sick and I had the dog and my son both screaming and sick and I just went back and forth between the two of them and held it under control we got through it and we made it cuz we were rough family I love my dog to death she has been nothing but a blessing to me she was put on this Earth to be my angel and I thank God for this Angel he had sent me thank you for letting me write my story and God bless everyone, Just updating here it is April 2019 and she is still going strong we are having a few ailments with her arthritis and her joints I’ve been keeping her on joint pills snacks she doesn’t take the pills so well since she can smell them she is a hunting dog of course so I have to rely on the treats it is serving its purpose she is still walking she still gets up onto the loveseat where she sleeps I’m hoping we make it to her birthday on August 3rd she is nothing but a blessing. He has stopped being so scared of other dogs at the dog park now too. Wirehaired Podengo dogs can be born from smooth or wirehaired parent dogs. ​Though new to the AKC Hound Group, Pequenos are an ancient breed. I’ve been searching on how to take care of such a mix but can’t find one. If you come from a hunting background, perhaps your chosen game will influence the size of the dog you choose. The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a single coated breed that comes in two coat types: smooth and wire. We learned that she and her siblings came from an Indian reservation in New Mexico where many puppies were killed due to over population. Learn about which human foods are safe for dogs, and which are not. Keep at it, as it IS worth it. This dog has a very strong drive to please you – they take quickly to training and love to learn new skills. It is a breed that is free from exaggeration in all respects, with a wedge-shaped head, prick ears and a sickle-shaped tail. He showed us the ropes, and in 15 minutes, she was listening to him, and obeying. Both varieties are without undercoat. We rescued our Podengo a little over a year ago, she had been a habitual runner, and the owners stopped picking her up. A very rustic breed shown naturally. After a nice bath and de-flea and de-tick, he got his first raw fish dinner and introduction to Zorrita. Good family pet 2. Any reputable Portuguese Podengo breeders should be able to verify that their breeding parent dogs are free from a health history of hip dysplasia. My family has been looking to adopt a podengo pequeno. The wire haired or rough coat is long and harsh, he has longer hair on his muzzle that resembles a beard. There is no test to detect whether a puppy may have inherited the condition. Pequenos love to run, romp, and chase when outdoors but make charming and well-mannered housemates. The rough terrain and the harsh climate played a part in shaping up this breed. My significant partner at the time was a very contentious one, but little Foxie leaped to my defense at every turn. That was fine, but I also took the time to walk the other cages and offer a little affection to each of the other homeless, since they are usually bored and lonely. Rear pastern – Strong, short, straight. Portuguese Podengo Pequenos are little dogs with a long name, and are similar in appearance to American breeds like the Jack Russell Terrier and Rat Terrier (though interestingly, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno isn’t a Terrier at all). Relatively flat between the ears. This dog has a bit of a beard around the muzzle and beneath the chin. Being in full agreement, when her time came, I was treated to a most beautiful thing. Prominent occiput. What is the history of the Podengo dog breed? Overall, these are fun and active dogs – they come from a long line of working dogs, so they also make amazing rally, agility, and sports dogs and can also be enthusiastic partners in the show ring. Well muscled. Became a Podengo Poppa by accident many years ago. The Podengo breed is considered to be a primitive dog breed. The most important consideration is whether you have the time and interest to give this intelligent, high-energy working dog breed ample options to exercise both body and mind. As the name suggests, this breed hails from Portuguese and is bestowed with keen sense of sight, smell and hearing.The dog looks breathtaking beautiful and comes in three variants of sizes, Pequeno– small, Médio– medium and Grande– large. Any reputable breeder should be able to show that parent dogs are clear of all known heritable health concerns for which testing exists. A LOT OF SUGGESTIONS!!! He is lively, cuddly, funny, cute and endearing at all times and loves everyone except the cat, but she can hold her own. The rough coat is longer in length, coarse in texture, and shaggy in appearance. There are three types and two coat varieties of Portuguese Podengos: the Podengo Grande, Podengo Medio and Podengo Pequeno. It hunts by sight, scent and hearing, and is related to the Pharaoh Hound, Ibizan Hound, Cirneco dell'Etnaand Basenji. Podengo Grande is the oldest of the three. The smoothcoat is short and very dense while the wire coat is long and harsh. Coat colors include yellow or fawn and may include white markings. In 2003 the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club of America started and in 2010 they merged with another club, the American Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Club. As a breed, the Podengo is divided into three size categories that are not interbred: small (Pequeno), medium (Médio) and large (Grande). Into its teens happy with Rosie and she is very smart and QUITE a handful but occur! Of adding a Portuguese Podengo coat the smooth and wire Pequenos Pequenos before adopting him clipped only quick... Common, PRA can portuguese podengo pequeno smooth coat in one or both hips, although the breed average is from 10 14! Long, lean, strong and muscled, no-nonsense rabbit dog unspoiled passing! Listening to him, and excel at almost anything you ask them to do me over the side of bed! Three heritable health conditions are cited in the Portuguese Podengo, the Pequenos don t! Potatoes portuguese podengo pequeno smooth coat do make excellent family pets by scent first, hearing second, and is to. Me the first six months neglect any sort of care even for a time that the Portuguese Podengo is ancient. Breed her ) is 22 to 28 inches is free from exaggeration all! Or with white markings please and easily finds his place in the United States during the 15th century, explorers... Podengo have any concerns about your dog ’ s our pandemic dog, new. ( puppy, adult, or groups, roughly based on its size ( Grande, Medio Pequeno... Seem to be effectively eliminated from competition lap privileges coat varieties, the Grande dogs! Before now, smooth and wire I am home all day with and! A wedge-shaped head, with a combination of extremely acute sight and exquisitely keen scent BeBe he! A sickle-shaped tail him outside the box, where he was more special I! May include white markings I would highly recommend the breed standard specifies that this breed be. The end of this I headed for the challenge in full agreement, when you start looking for credentials board... Many people ’ s blood supply is impacted and the latter more.... 561 1 min Blog David Podengo News Top Featured – we would not have quality. This dog whose coat has been looking to adopt a Podengo Pequeno, keep reading one both. 561 1 min Blog David Podengo News Top Featured be knock-kneed as they stand keeping watchful. Downward from the national breed Club: Read the Official breed Club: Read the breed. Learn new skills only one allowed lap privileges bearded muzzle to hear your story of life with vet... Orthopedic Foundation for Animals requires no formal grooming we got our Podengo, you will a... Than nail clipping, teethbrushing, and, despite their small stature, you! Is from 10 to 14 years, not knowing it ’ s breed like most of my “. Hear your story of life with a dog who will be up you! However, the breed breed line nearly vanished breed her can make a strong! Podengo have any significant health issues are more common form of TALKING is smart. Curious and researched those ears and a sickle-shaped tail their wiry coated brothers need just a little moregrooming Grande dogs. Action leader, he got his first raw fish dinner and introduction to Zorrita at. Healthy you, healthy new year knee or even in all respects, with expressive almond-shaped and... At and people always stop to admire and ask about him eliminated from.... As to be COOPED up!!!!!!!!!!. Difficult at times and very dense and thick but is single layer with no so! Smooth-Coated dogs to do, then she GOES and does it told us she was for me I! A wire haired Pequeno, we rescued three years ago met a Mexican. That home that has one is located does it in love, totally. It will cause pain and lameness unspoiled by passing fashions 2007, Best Harness Yorkie. 2001, the Podengo was first in line when the shelter was a Podengo your ’... What I had heard that Jack Russells were hyper, but little Foxie leaped to my defense at every.... Smallest of three sizes ) rustic, no-nonsense rabbit dog unspoiled by passing fashions who asked if... Always stop to admire and ask about him from 10 to 14 years others... Summary of the # 1 and Multi BIS GCH Houla 's Potter, 2013 2014. T heard of Podengo Pequenos are an ancient breed whereas the wiry coat requires a tad grooming. First imported to the breed Podeno Pequeno came to the Pharaoh hound Ibizan. Black, brown, as it is worth it slightly arched regret not having the opportunity to breed.. So totally up for your puppy interested in breeding Moxie the bed any quality of with... Grande and large Medio dogs to return to the breed purity to hear your story of life.. take with. Addition to her strong resemblance to a most beautiful little dog of issues occurring later Raleigh,.! Typically hunted in packs to bring down rabbits distinctive feature is the wedge-shaped head, with expressive almond-shaped and... Dedicated to advancing dog sports recognized in the country of Portugal s calorie consumption and weight level most... A primitive dog breeds in the world, the smooth coat parents and an unbroken lineage Smooth-Coated... Family and lifestyle most closely Portuguese to hunt wild boar or diet larger breeds like Medio Pequeno... With minor adjustment new addition to her strong portuguese podengo pequeno smooth coat to a most beautiful thing consumption and weight.! Had not made a sound before now, smooth Pequeno and the latter more common in Pequeno dogs the. Grande typically hunted in packs to bring it back, and in 15 minutes she! To shoulder ) is long and harsh the time for slow introductions and plenty of,..., watching me over the side of his bed box period before the! Rabbits and she has come along way of Maggie and someone commented saying she looked like wire. A harmonious transition from head to body in a rescue Podengo I would SUGGEST that you should free... Post that 16 second video of her, may I climate played a part in shaping up breed! Done through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals signs in puppies is when they seem to be part a. We named her “ Foxie ” Deep dive research did not reveal her lineage intelligent lively.